Things are generally in wind-up mode; I’m working on the Gilmour paper grades. . . Johnna is working on getting us a picture of where you stand in terms of your posts.

Not too much action in terms of arts events this week; ongoing shows at each of the campus galleries, with a new show being set up at the Ferg gallery. Hilaritas Holiday concert starts Friday and goes into the weekend.


Be strategic about your time, but you’ve got room over the next week to ten days to do whatever writing you’d like on your blog to send signals that you’ve been thinking about things and proceeding this semester in the spirit of the course.

We’ll do wrap up work this Thursday, and then the following Thursday will be an optional in-class final exam, an opportunity to bump your grade 5% or about the equivalent of a half-grade. Essentially, I’ll give you a couple of prompts similar to those you’ve received in my blog all semester, and you can write about them in class. I’d encourage folks who think they are sitting in the D and C range to take the task on. . . if you think you’re sitting in the A or B range, you might have better uses for the two hours.

See you soon.


About jchall1960

I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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10 Responses to Updates

  1. wnichols1993 says:

    Will a holiday concert be held on Friday or Saturday night? I would love to go! Do we need to have our 14 blogs done by this Thursday to see where our grade stands to see if we need to take the optional in class exam or not? Thanks! -Walton Nichols

    • jchall1960 says:

      Friday night for sure; not sure when it is scheduled for Saturday. I’m aiming to have total grade picture for Sunday night so folks can decide whether they want to be there next Thursday.

  2. Will we be able to know where we stand before the optional final? And will you let us know what the final is about?

  3. And should we keep commenting?

  4. jchall1960 says:

    Yes and Yes. I’m aiming to have all the data on the table for everyone by Sunday night.

  5. fa200fall2011jhtylerpuckett says:

    Saw the Hilaritas and it was great, if you didn’t you really missed out.

  6. I went to the Hilaritas concert on Sunday and it was really good. I went last year and I’m so happy I went again.

  7. I saw Hilaritas and it was amazing I really enjoyed myself

  8. Hilaritas was really great! It really helped get me into the Christmas spirit. I loved seeing everyone dressed up and having fun with it. They did a really great job and I’m really glad I went! I look forward to more concerts in the future!

  9. I also really enjoyed Hilaritas! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves with the holiday spirit!

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