Music as Product. . . Music as Organic Material

After Davey Williams’ comments last week on resisting the commodification of music, thought you might be interested in this commentary by Brian Eno (ambient music pioneer, formerly of Roxy Music)

The Information Garden


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4 Responses to Music as Product. . . Music as Organic Material

  1. This was pretty interesting! I like his idea that we need to stop thinking of music and art as simply something that we control and instead think of it as something that we can “surrender” to. We actually just talked about something like this where I worship. We were discussing things that people use to get away from their problems (things that they surrender to as a way to escape reality). We talked about some of the same things that Brian does. Things like music, drugs, and relationships. I also appreciate that in his conclusion, Brian doesn’t say we should only surrender but instead says that we have to BALANCE control and surrender.

  2. I really enjoyed this article. I like how he changes “composers as architects” to “composers as gardeners.” I believe that a composer shouldn’t dictate what people think, but let the people perceive the composer’s work in their own way. This opens up more conversation and thinking about the arts.

  3. This article left me with the feeling of the arts has being an outlet to relate to people in many different way. The compose nature of art can null us into a sweet melody that is sweet to our ears. It also talk of the balance art contains and that is what meakes it unique and unknow.

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