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Here’s another interesting angle on the art and prosperity conversation focusing on the establishment of a major art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas by Sam Walton’s spouse. As always, the comments are as interesting to follow as the article itself:

Walmart Art


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20 Responses to Art, Success, Prosperity

  1. ellie0218 says:

    I thought this was a very interesting article considering the fact that much of Walmarts income is going towards the Arts, something I never saw coming. However, I do agree with the Walmart employees that it is frustrating to see them pouring money on this project while the works have to sufffer cut-backs on benefits. Walmart should have found a way to incorporate the arts and help out their employees in equal ways.

  2. I feel like they made the company so why are people upset with what they do with there money? Yeah i understand they feel like they are wasting it but it is theres to waste. I also never thought wal-marts income would go to the arts. The arts is obviously something they enjoy so why not put your money to it thats how i think about it. But i also understand the other side of it from the workers.

  3. wnichols1993 says:

    Yes, I do agree completely. This is interesting but I do feel that Walmart workers do work so hard and they have yet to get paid as much as they work for.

  4. I was completely shocked by this article I cannot believe that Walmart’s income would go to the arts. I would have thought that since Walmart is such a major industry that they would have advertised all the foundations they support. However I do not agree with the corporation’s decision to cut the employee’s health benefits. Walmart should not take away from their employees in order to donate more money. They should figure out a way to balance the two.

  5. I think that the museum is a good idea and I don’t see a problem if people want to spend their own money on the Arts. I think the problem that people have with the museum is that they feel that Walmart is using their profit to finance unnecessary things when they could be using their money to give their employees benefits. However, if it is the family’s money and not the company’s, I don’t think that people really have any right to complain about it.

  6. This was such an interesting article. It is so interesting to see how the arts pertain to so many things. I do however agree that the employees at Walmart should receive some type benefits. I believe that the museum is a great idea, but I think they could find a better way to finance the museum and provide benefits for the Walmart employees.

  7. I am so angry that Alice Walton felt it was a kind thing for her to spend $1.4 billion dollars of the corporate and family foundation money. In my opinion, Wal-Mart should be investing those funds into their underprivileged employees. Wal-Mart is one of the most inhumane companies of all time. For one of my other classes we had to watch the youtube video “Wal-Mart: the High Cost of a Low Price.” This video really left a mark on me. It told how Wal-Mart destroys local businesses and hurts their workers. I am not a fan of Wal-Mart and I think it is completely absurd that they stuck their noises into the arts when they can not pay their workers a fair wage. That $1.4 billion dollars could be used for a much better purpose.

  8. ashtown11 says:

    My dad would get a kick out of this article, and loathe Wal-mart even more than he does already. He dislikes the Super Store very much and won’t even go there to shop… for anything, no matter how good their roll back price may seem. Although it is not my cup of tea, if it is Walton’s desire to have an art gallery in her home town, so be it. It is I do not agree that the responsibility for cuts on the worker’s benefits can be put solely on Walton. If there is that many cuts being made, it would seem that there is deeper problems in the corporation it self. Even with that statement, I don’t believe either that the inadequate benefits can be justified. Just because it may just be an 8 hour shift on a Monday at Wal-mart, majority of the employees are equally hard working compared to another person in a different occupation. Not provided the proper amount of benefits to the company’s employees is unjust and unacceptable.

  9. I thought this was a very interesting article that I had no clue about previously. I can see both sides of the argument, but ultimately, its the families money to spend no matter how they choose. It is hard to hear that they spent over a billion dollars when they are underpaying and cutting benefits to employees. on the other hand, you have to remember that this money belongs to the family and not the company. As far as them spending all of the money and people saying it is a waist…I think it is a wonderful way for them to have spent the money. I would much rather see them spend this money on the arts and helping introduce the arts to this smaller town and their community. There are so many worse things they could have spent the money on that would not have benefited anyone but themselves. But as I said, I do understand the employees being a little angry and I can see why this is a more difficult situation for them.

  10. fa200fall2011mollyfeltus says:

    This was an interesting article. It’s neat that Walmart is beginning to put some money into the arts but I understand that the employees and others would disagree with the money input because with the country economical issues we all know and are reminded of everyday, this money could be better used.

  11. Ok, this article weaves makes me cross a lot of political leanings that don’t usually get mixed up. First off, I support the arts and would love to see them spread across America, including Bentonville. However, I do not support Wal-Mart’s exploitation of its workers and the like. On another hand, Most of the money for this project came from Alice Walton’s fortune herself, and I can’t control her spending any more than I could control yours. But I don’t like the ostentatious show of wealth, which in my opinion is a callous show of money in these rough economic times. I mean, I and the rest of my freshman class are going to be thrown into the worst recession in history with many degrees that will be worthless, but the Walton’s can afford a $1.4 billion dollar side project, albeit a well-meaning one. All in all, I think that the Waltons are noble for wanting to support the arts, but if they really wanted to do some good for not just their city but the entire nation, they should give healthcare, overtime, and equal rights to all of their employees. That would be far more beneficial than just one art museum, however massive and well-funded.

  12. After reading this article it left me with a split opinion. I really didnt know what to think. First, I would never have thought that so much of Walmarts income would fund such a project as this one. I guess I just found it sort of random. I really enjoy visiting art gallerys and love the idea that Walton had. Im not sure to think of it as a money brag, or a true idea of entertaining society and trying to spread knowledge and understanding. I guess the only one that would know is Mrs. Alice herself. On the other hand, hearing that Walmart has been cutting health insurance for its employees and then Walton blowing 1.4 billion dollars on a side project just doesnt make sense. Im sure she could have attended to her companys issues and waited on the fun things. I am all about the arts being showcased to the world to attract more attention and respect, but first we have to obtain to the economy we live in and think about the familys that are being affected.

  13. After reading this article I can fully understand both side of the debate and opinions when it comes to this matter. Personally, I don’t see the problem with the new art museum that Walton has funded. Walmart is their business, they worked hard to get it where it is, therefore I believe that they are able to do what they want with their hard earned money. Especially because what they are using the money on will not only be beneficial to the community, I believe that the museum it will create more jobs…which we all know the U.S is in need of. I know people a lot of americans are having finical problems due to the economy, but I don’t think that gives someone the right to complain about what another person does with their money.

  14. I found this article really interesting, it is understandable that people argue that she is wasting the company money, but i think that she did it so other people could find pleasure in the art. She wasn’t doing it to just waste the money she was doing it so that people would be able to come and enjoy it. I feel as if the money wouldn’t be spent like this if they didn’t have enough money to pay their employees.

  15. The idea that Walmart is promoting the arts and creating an art gallery is amazing. At the same time, they did spend a lot of money that could have benefited their workers more. I believe Walmart should have tried a different tactic in promoting the arts.

  16. Tyler says:

    I stumbled on an interesting article that shows the impact a company like this has on the world as a whole. At the same time, a company this big can afford to throw money at an art museum, no matter how irresponsible it is.

  17. mkrassick says:

    I believe Wall Mart workers deserve a raise but also it is fair to make a museum. Giving workers a raise would be an ongoing with drawl from the Wall Mart account, VS one large chunk gone and then income being brought in.

  18. rrhare says:

    AS most of the comments on this article imply, I agree that the museum is a very thoughtful idea by Mrs. Walton but I Believe they should have had better financial planning before starting this tasks. I agree the Arts are important, but I dont believe they are so important that you should cut your employee’s benefits to pay for them.

  19. I thought Wal-mart’s idea of putting money into the arts was a good move they made. Arts programs around the country do not get enough money to be supported, so I thought this was a good move by Wal-mart

  20. Walmart is shocking my brain when it choose to display art and keep the funds for such an odd situation. The workers feel as it gaint company has major power and feels as thought their benefits are in the balance of this art collection.

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