The Arts and Afgan and Iraq War Vets

Nice piece — pretty consistent, I’d say, with the research from GIFTS OF THE MUSE — about the therapeutic possibilities of the arts:

Art and Comfort


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10 Responses to The Arts and Afgan and Iraq War Vets

  1. I really like this article i have a few family members that are veterans and they never like to talk about anything related to the war because of all the awful memories they have. I think this is a very good way to let them talk and express themselves through art other than words.

  2. cgadrian says:

    Art therapy is such a perfect example of why the arts can truly have significance in our lives. The fact that art – in its simplest forms, such as sketching or molding clay – can help veterans deal with their severe psychological disorders and problems is really fantastic. I think that art therapy will only continue to grow in popularity and uses, and this article is a great description of the healing possibilities that art can promote.

  3. srlewis3 says:

    I continue to be amazed by how art has positively affected so many people in ways I never imagined. I mean art decreasing the amount of bullying in school is one thing, but helping veterans recoup from post dramatic stress disorder is a whole new ball field in proving what art is capable of. One part of the article that I can relate to is the when Kidgell says that he starts to move his hand until something comes out. Well, we were taught a similar exercise in English. If you would get a blank sheet of paper and write down your feelings on the topic at hand, soon enough your thoughts would start coming together, and voila, there’s your essay. (After you polish it up a bit, of course.) I became a much better writer after being practicing this “free-writing” technique. I expressed opinions feeling on topics that I never even knew I had. I’m sure that when the veterans did this, they were able to express things they didn’t even think was bothering them. The use of arts never ceases to amaze me.

  4. I loved this article. So many people have dedicated their lives to our country and often come back from war unable to even talk about their experience. This is a great way for our veterans to express their emotions through art. I am constantly amazed to see how art helps people cope with their emotions in such positive ways.

  5. sbusby2015 says:

    I completely loved this article. There are so many men and women So many people whom have went out battled and dedicated their lives, time, and safety to our country. I have a female cousin who is a member of the military. Most times when soldiers are sent out, when they return talking about their experiences is not an option. It’s simply too hard for them. I think that art is a great way for our troops and veterans to express themselves. You would never really think that art could help people like this express emotions that are built up inside and I am amazed by how it does.

  6. Nure Kassas says:

    What a veteran saw while at war must be some of the most traumatic experiences he/she will ever face. Talking about such experiences isn’t always easy and may not help very much, especially if the person he/she talks to has never experienced the reality of war. The only way a person can really understand is if the veteran shows them. Art gives the veterans this opportunity. I am glad they have a way of expressing themselves.

  7. jtscogin says:

    I agree with this use of the arts whole-heartedly. I plan to be in the Army upon graduation from college. I like to see something that helps out the people that put their life on the line for us so that we can keep our freedom and live our daily lives as we choose. I think that arts will help wounded veterans cope with their feeling but I do not feel like it is the best option. One reason I feel like the arts will help the soldier is when they are stressed or having troubles in life post service/ wars they will have something to do relieve the pain. When in pain or stressed one can go to a quiet place and sit down and draw or write or even paint. It will help to get their minds off of their troubles and calm down. Overall this is a good thing.

  8. wnichols1993 says:

    Veterans and anyone that fights for our country I am sure has horrible memories from their experience but I am so glad the media and internet thinks of things like this where they can express their feelings but also have someone listening who can relate as to what they are going through.

  9. fa200fall2011mollyfeltus says:

    This is a great idea. My close friend will soon be leaving for the war and boot camp has already put him through hell and peaceful, relaxing ideas like this will do more than people realize for these soldiers.

  10. This article was awesome. I had always wondered if there were any fixes that could help PTSD. My grandpa was in world war I and when his wife cooks meat in the house he has to leave just because the smell brings back memories of burning bodies. I think that this is a wonderful opportunity that every veteran should give a shot even if they dont think it is for them. PTSD can be an awful thing and I think that america should keep trying to excel in ways to help the situation. It is the least we can do for those who risk their lives for our freedom.

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