I know that a number of you went to see this film at the Bama earlier in the Fall:

Subject of Errol Morris Documentary ‘Tabloid’ Files Suit Against Filmmakers


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5 Responses to Tabloid

  1. fa200fall2011sec2jocelynwalker says:

    im not sure how to message you, just wondering where we get our david gilmour project guide at?

  2. Nure Kassas says:

    It seems like she was willing to participate in the beginning and liked all the attention she was receiving, but now that everyone thinks she is a “crazy person” she is trying to claim that she was not a willing participant and that the movie isn’t a real depiction of her. I am not quite sure why she’d wait until the movie was released to claim that she was tricked, instead of reporting being threatened by one of the producers right away.

  3. wnichols1993 says:

    That is very strange that she would wait until she has a movie out to tell everyone that she has been threatened….. very strange

  4. I think she wanted to be in the movie and loved the attention and didn’t think it was going to make her look crazy. But then once she realized everyone was looking at her like she was a “crazy women” she decided to tell everyone she was tricked into the doing the movie and was threatened. She would have never came out saying she was threatened or tricked if no one was looking down on her.

  5. ellie0218 says:

    I agree that it is weird that she waited for the movie to come out to then say that she was threatened and whatnot. But it could also be the director and the others fault because they could have misrepresented her in order to get more publicity for their movie. Either way, someone is at fault and it is difficult to determine who.

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