Mitt Romney and Government Funding for the Arts

Not a political critique or endorsement, but, might compare to the piece we read on Australian cultural policy earlier in the semester. Why are the arts an easy target despite representing a miniscule part of the federal budget?

Romney and the Arts


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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5 Responses to Mitt Romney and Government Funding for the Arts

  1. mdetter says:

    I think the arts are an easy target simply because they’re looked down upon. It’s a different type of thinking as oppose to that of an engineer, lawyer, or politician. It’s a creative and innovative gift that only the lucky possess. In a sense, it’s a minority which can easily be overlooked. Personally, I think that politicians should be requires to take FA 200. If they’re going to represent our country, then they need to appreciate what our country offers.

  2. jtscogin says:

    I like to read about our current political problems and political standings on a regular basis. While reading this article one line stuck out to me, “critics of Mitt Romney have complained that conservative stances he’s taking now contradict his policies as Massachusetts governor from 2003 through 2006.” This line of the article stuck out to me because the critics are worried that Romney’s views have changed. In my opinion views of political figures should always be changing. The state of our country and politics are always changing from day to day. So our political leaders and figures should be changing also. Why would we ever want a political figure or even possible future president to keep his mindset and views in one place. If his/ her views are stuck on a problem that happened 10 years ago then that is not going to help us in the present day or future. I support the fact that Romney is keeping up with what is going on in present day and trying to make better.

  3. wnichols1993 says:

    I believe the arts are so easy targeted because any politician believes that they can take advantage of anyone involved in the arts.

  4. I’m not really familiar with politics, although I should be, but from the state of the economy that has in many way affected me directly and vicariously I can only deduct that it is necessary to cut unnecessary funding. “But why not leave the war?” Again, this would only further damage the fragile state of our economy by leaving unprotected industry that we have established in middle eastern countries. If you’re going to cry over who is to blame, which is not Rommney, look no further than our nations great short sellers that continue to use finical instruments for purposes of further monopolizing our Federal Banks. Post like these really have no clear and readily available answer and I don’t think the arts are an easy target. I think this sect of our culture to this extent is a luxury.

  5. I believe we should still have funding for the arts. Since i have been in political science classes, basically the art of political science is to Cut cut cut cut cut spending. It is just sad to see funding for the arts going down. I myself extremely enjoyed art growing up in grade school. Hopefully there is something that can be done!

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