Corrupted Nostalgia — Angels

And here’s the pinnacle of Jesse’s hip hop career:


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7 Responses to Corrupted Nostalgia — Angels

  1. ashtown11 says:

    The music in the beginning that the dad emphasized is a lot like what I was imagining. It might not be the highest of quality songs, but I think it depicts Jesse so very well. You can feel his hurt and darkness he felt for all those years that was caused by heartbreak from the women in his life, and the frustration of the unknown of his future.

  2. mdetter says:

    ^ I agree! I think he does very well with conveying his emotions through words. Which is quite often very hard for people to do. I also feel that “rapping” gives it a more aggressive tone that helps you understand his frustration. It’s not just what he is delivering, it’s also HOW he is delivering his message.

  3. I think he did a very good job with the rapping. I feel like if he sang these lyrics in any other way it wouldn’t have gone together as good as it does with the rapping. ^ I also think it gives it a more aggressive tone which is needed when expressing his emotions/feelings.

  4. wnichols1993 says:

    Rapping has been such a huge way to express feelings ever since the 90s. I believe that is such a great way to express feelings and get through to people that like that kind of music.

  5. The rapping was an interesting choice to express himself. His lyrics clearly show that he is hurting. I believe that he used his music in order to act as a diary. This is a wonderful thing art can provide for everyone.

  6. bwrhinehart says:

    I can see how rap can be a very expressive thing, but I also think that much of the mainstream rap in the current music scene is more often than not a simple plot of trying to sell as many records and shirts as possible, and not caring about the lyrical content in the least. In this instance, I believe the lyrics were heartfelt.

  7. Rapping has always been a way for people to express themselves and is a great way to get out emotions and feelings that you have built up!

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