Youth and the Arts: Ways to Get Folks Started

Couple of interesting pieces here:

1. On the role of parents in establishing an openness to creativity and the imagination:

Encouraging Creativity

2. Teaching Kids About Art

Be sure to check out the video at the end of the page.


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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8 Responses to Youth and the Arts: Ways to Get Folks Started

  1. jtscogin says:

    I found it really interesting that both brother and sister followed each other down the art path. The sister is a well-known author and the brother is part of a well-known band. They both claim they got their gifts from their parents at a young age. They have had much success in their field of work and plan to only have more. They both now have a novel out in book stores. This is amazing that they both have books out due to the hard work it takes to publish a book.

  2. I thought it was awesome that two siblings could share such passion and love for creativity. They both embraced their strengths and went down a career path to make use of them. They give credit to their parents who encouraged them to use their imagination since they were children. Both have novels on the shelves and apparently their success is great.. What a great story to tell.

  3. fa200fall2011sec2karliboulware says:

    I like the fact that they not only give credit to the fact that their parents encouraged them to do what they wanted, but also that they had freedom as young children to roam around and learn on their own. They said they were imaginative and creative, forced to play outside rather than watch TV, and they had to come up with ways to have fun and they learned things on their own.

  4. wnichols1993 says:

    teaching kids about art is the best way to teach adolescents to be involved in the arts throughout their whole life. When seeing role models that active in the arts it just encourages our youth to really put themselves out there. Art is something that needs to stay in our society and world for forever.

  5. mkrassick says:

    Art in adolescents is vital. It increases imagination and creativity. Those things i think benefit children in life. I think throughout being creative it builds confidence even by what you create. It shows in this story. They both have books published and thats something anyone can be proud of. So getting kids out there is so important and i am glad to hear such a success story.

  6. mbrandjes says:

    My parents were very adiment on getting me out there to experience the arts. We always had annual museum passess, we listened to all kinds of music and learn to appreciate art that wouldn’t be what I deemed pretty. This was especially the case when we lived in Key West. Every single night we went to the Sunset Celebration in Mallory Square. There were art booths and all kinds of Cuban music. That really helped me to get out there. So now that I am grown up, I can get different perspectives on the arts and not automatically put it down if it isn’t “pretty”. I love that my parents encouraged creativity and provided the backgound of all kinds of art for me. It added to me as a person.

  7. I think encouraging children to explore their creativity starting at a young age is essential when trying to connect one to art. What I mean by that is, a kid who is encouraged to use their imagination and creativity at a young age is more likely to have a connection with art when growing up, as well as a better understanding of themselves. There are a few reasons that I believe this to be true. First reason: the article above. The brother and sister parents that encouraged them to explore their creativity both become successful in expressing themselves; one with writing and the other with music. Second reason includes my own personal experience. My parents never encouraged me to be explore my creativity as a young kid, and I don’t have much of any connection to art.

    I am not saying that if one’s parents don’t encourage them, they won’t end up liking art or being good at expressing themselves. I just believe there is a better chance of expression of one’s self when there is encouragement at a young age.

    Overall, there is no denying that art is beneficial. If anything, it gives individuality to a person. I believe that more parents should encourage their kids do do something that expresses their creativity. Maybe if more of that happens, there won’t be this heartbreaking issue in our society of being immune to the beauty of art.

  8. This article reminds me exactly of my cousins. They are brother and sister and both headed toward artistic career paths. I found this to be inspiring and its awesome that they were able to achieve their goals.

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