Story of a Dancer. . .

Nothing controversial here. . . just a remarkable and unexpected story.

American Billy Elliott


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7 Responses to Story of a Dancer. . .

  1. Wow what an inspirational story! I can only imagine the struggles David Hallberg went through as a young child. For some reason boys who do ballet never seem to be except by others, and I don’t understand why. Being able to dance is an amazing talent, and while it isn’t a sport like hockey or football, I still consider it to be extremely physically challenging. I’m happy that after all the hard work his entire life, Hallberg was offered such an amazing role.

  2. Being a dancer myself, this article speaks to me. I completely understand the ridicule and criticism David Hallberg must have gotten as a male dancer. It used to be the world I lived in. Yet, he made his way into one of the most renowned, famous ballet companies of all time, Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. That is amazing to me and must be inspiring for others.

  3. This story was so inspiring! David Hallberg is one of many who face challenges such as this. He used his ridicule to make it to the most famous ballet companies. This story can really speak to others and help them with come of the same challenges they still face day to day.

  4. David Hallberg’s story was very interesting. I do not want to sound cliche, but nevertheless his story was inspiring. The fact that this little boy knew from the age of 9 that dance was his true calling is miraculous. Dispite the people putting him down, and all the tribulations he encountered nothing held him back. He came from a background where ballet or dance wasn’t taught or even discussed but he still grew up to be one of the world’s best and youngest American male ballet dancers. However not only Americans saw his talet but eventually Russia did and there he went and became the first foriegner to join that dance company. All of that, including his background is in itself a miracle!

  5. leahlarabee says:

    I agree that David Hallberg’s story is a interesting and inspirational one! It is very hard to fit in as a young boy with dreams of dancing. While his friends were buying hockey sticks he was buying tap shoes. But he did not let people get him down and followed his dreams to the big time. His move to Russia is a controversial but big step for the ballet world, saying that the US is just as good as Russia. He is not just leaving his old company high and dry, i think its great that he decided to split his time between both companies. It is a great story and im sure he will be as important as Billy Elliott.

  6. wnichols1993 says:

    This is such a great and touching story, growing up in a hick town as a ballerina was never easy. My guy best friend and I were so involved in the arts growing up and we were not doing things our peers were doing it made social life so much harder than it needed to be. The last quote in this story really makes this story pop. I totally agree, if you are talented show, who cares if you’re picked on. It is just jealously.

  7. fa200fall2011mollyfeltus says:

    I was a ballet dancer from the age of three to fifteen and I did partner work in the last Nutcracker I preformed in. I do NOT weigh 100 pounds so I have mad respect for every male dancer especially the one who was lifting me! I know it’s hard for male dancers because even sometimes when i was younger i caught hell from dancing.

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