Reminder — this week

Your main task this week is to read David Gilmour’s THE FILM CLUB. This Thursday is our one opportunity to discuss the book. . . and your one opportunity to ask questions.

Here’s some conversation with the author and his son:


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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6 Responses to Reminder — this week

  1. cgadrian says:

    I am so glad that we have the opportunity to read this book for class! When I read the description of it online I couldn’t wait to read it. I think that the discussion of the book on Thursday will be very interesting, and I’m excited to hear all the different opinions of the book and the author’s story.

  2. jchall1960 says:

    thanks; hope you enjoy. In the past some folks have been a little freaked out by the parenting style and that has gotten in the way of them think about film, the arts, and the kinds of benefits we get out of exchanges around them. . .

  3. fa200fall2011sec2karliboulware says:

    I really enjoyed the book. For me, It was kind of a more realistic take on how arts can play a role in the relationships you have with people. I loved it!

  4. cgadrian says:

    After finishing the book, I’m looking forward to the class discussion even more now! I loved the story – I thought it was real and funny and powerful and thought-provoking. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to read it!

  5. Thanks for sharing this video! I know the book said that it is a true story but seeing the video just made it more real. I still puzzles me that he actually let his son drop out of school. I know Gilmour said that his son was super tall and he was getting to the point of cussing his parents out. But i just think that most parents would have forced him to go to school and if he didn’t they would have punished him or taken things away from him. But this is a really cool story and it’s nice to see a father and son reconnect like that.

  6. wnichols1993 says:

    the class discussion just enhanced this video and book more!!! it’s a great book!!!

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