Joy, the Arts, Musicals and Teen Dance Films

Joy is the emotion I think is most associated with the arts; Mike Martone tried to make that case to you. . . By participating in the arts as creator or audience member, you open yourself up to joy. Of the emotions, joy is perhaps especially interesting in that its power is the unexpected way it takes hold. (You’re at a club, you’re dancing, you’re uninterested, just going through the motions, and then — pow — it hits. A feeling of lightness, of intimacy — or sometimes separation — a feeling of total pleasure.)

The articles here argues that an art form we sometimes think of as puerile, or silly, actually delivers up much joy — and often — and is also capable of delivering a message too.

Odes to Joy

Happy Feet!


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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2 Responses to Joy, the Arts, Musicals and Teen Dance Films

  1. I loved this article and everything he said is so true. Often as a teenager we get them impression that some forms of art are so silly and do not always make since. After going to see the movie Foot Loose and reading this article it really made me realize how much joy I get from watching people dance. This form of art is something I really take interest in, and through out the movie Foot Loose they really showed of dance moves from this generation, which really grabbed the attention of so many young people. As the writer said often times we do not even realize that we are enjoying all different kinds of art until you actually read an article like this to understand that art is a variety of things that brings so much happiness into the world making it a better place.

  2. wnichols1993 says:

    Different movies through different times incorporate the aspect of dance from Dirty Dancing, To Step Up and even Happy Feet. Dance brings a new number of things into ones life and generation.

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