Is this going to work?

Or is it too reductive? Disrespectful of you as a potential audience member?

Music for the Zombie Apocalypse


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4 Responses to Is this going to work?

  1. kaylaann393 says:

    Although I had a bit of a hard time understanding exactly what this album is, if it’s attempt to gain interest for classical music by making it appear more “cool” and modern then I do not think that it’s going to work. Just because it’s cover looks big, bold, and rebellious doesn’t necessarily mean it’s convincing more of this generation that we can relate to it. I completely agree with the statement, “Most people like classical music to some degree. The struggle is often finding an entry point, a product that will give people something they can relate to.” People do need something in the music that they can relate to to fully convince themselves that they like it. However, that relation doesn’t have to come from from the images related to the piece or even the lyrics. It can come from something particular in simply the sound of the music or the way the different sounds and pieces are compiled together. That’s how classical music is going to increase it’s fans, not gruesome, wild images.

  2. If this album is trying to persuade the public to believe classical music is “cool” by making the album cover seem wild and rebellious, I do not believe this will work. In today’s society many people still like classical music, but in our generation it is hard to find something to relate to when listening to that type of music. I do not believe that changing the imagery of an album will change the perception of the music.

  3. jchall1960 says:

    More interesting conversation here about trying to build classical music audience; pay attention to the skepticism in the comments.

  4. leahlarabee says:

    I do agree with the comments above. Just because you change the outside of the album doesn’t mean the inside will change. People just have to go into it open-minded and not under any false pretenses to appreciate the music. Some people still enjoy listening to that type of music and they will continue to. Everyone is different. For people to relate to the music has nothing to do with the cover, or very very little, but the music itself.

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