Latest News On Arts Funding. . .

Struggles for local organizations. . . lots of big bucks for big organizations. One assessment of this pattern suggests that it works in the favor of the wealthiest audience members. . .

Arts Giving is Up. . .


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3 Responses to Latest News On Arts Funding. . .

  1. When I first read the beginning few sentences of this article I was so happy to hear about the increase of the funding for the arts. “For the year that ended in July, the Met brought in $182 million in donations, an increase of 50 percent more than the year before.” But sadly as I continued to read the article I was informed that most of the money that is being raised is not going to the smaller organizations that need it the most. Most of the nonprofit organizations are receiving less and less grant money each year, so it doesn’t really make sense to me why the money raised is not being evenly distributed. I feel as though the major organizations such as the Met should donate a percentage of the money they raise to help out smaller art companies! It would be a good way to really help the arts nationwide.

  2. I agree with Lindsay. I was very pleased to read that funding for the arts has increased even with the troubled economy. It reassured me that the beauty of art was remaining in our society. Then, I continued to read that all of the money from fundraising and donations is going predominately to the large, profitable organizations, such as operas, museums, and big theaters, which are mainly geared towards rich, white citizens in those communities. This leaves the smaller organizations without much funding and the rest of the individuals unrepresented. Not everyone can afford a night at the Met, for example, so I think that more funding should go to smaller art organizations to give everyone equal opportunities. Overall, this would benefit the arts industry and individuals throughout the nation.

  3. wnichols1993 says:

    Wake up world, arts is what most of our money comes from. entertainment is a form of art and cutting the arts would be cutting half of our world.

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