What ever happened to Color?

Ok, after oppression and injustice, and disposability. . . something a little less heavy:

Silver, Black, and White are Boring


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10 Responses to What ever happened to Color?

  1. This is totally correct. And I never noticed this until I read this article. We do have really boring colored cars, a lime green car would be pretty awesome to have. There also used to be really colorful furniture inside of houses as well as bright colored house and we don’t have either of those anymore. Our world is so dull and repetitive sometimes.

  2. I completely disagree with this article! People have “boring” colored cars by choice! My sister got her car custom painted for a small extra fee and now it’s a bright purple. Our world is not dull, people still dare to be different. Just because more people tend to buy black and white cars does not mean that EVERYONE does. If you want color in your life- then add it! Simple as that.

  3. I completely agree with this article. Everyday people constantly are subconsciously picking these drab colors because of what society tells us is the norm. I think our world would be a much better place if we all ventured outside the box and picked brighter colors for our cars, houses, etc…

  4. I agree with the article as well, I love these old cars and trucks of “yesteryear.” I’ve restored many vehicles, and never once have I painted one white, silver, or black. I’ve had a midnight blue metallic, ultra violet metallic, candy copper Netallic, and my favorite of all was my 1956 Chevy 3100 painted Sherwood Green. The author does have a very good point though, I strongly believe that a brand new Audi R8 or Range Rover would look terrible painted sherwood green, or ultra violet metallic. These colors really did go with the style of the vehicle. Its hard to have a real sharp, slick looking car, like the style that Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW are going for these days; and with every other car company trying to become a high end company, like Hyundai using the badges off of a Bentley and the front end of a Mercedes S class, they are also going with these dull colors. I will admit a brand new car with a nice gloss black paint job looks pretty sleek, but compare that with a 1969 Chevrolet Nova in “Hugger Orange,” and there is no contest. Dodge and Jeep however are becoming an exception with color. Dodge’s new 2011 Challengers can now be purchased in Toxic Orange or Envy Green, and they look sick. Jeep has all sorts of new colors for their new wranglers like Dozer Clear Coat Orange, Cosmos Blue, and Sahara Tan. The second decade of the 21st century seems to be going back in time. Vehicle wise, old body styles are being recreated, and some of the old colors are starting to pop again. In Charlotte, NC, where I’m from, the trend in new housing developments is an old Charleston style house, offered in bright colors, with wrap around porches. And the inside of these homes keep that theme alive, allowing people to decorate with bright colors once again. I personally believe that as the youngest of the baby boomer generations are becoming that much closer to 50, this mass group of american citizens is starting to go back to their roots. In the 90’s, when this generation was still very young, a trend of this sleek, high end style of silver, white, and black started coming into play. But I believe now with the increasing age of this generation that really bought into this sleekness trend, they are starting to realize that life was more fun when they could really express themselves.

  5. fa200fall2011sec2karliboulware says:

    I had never even noticed this until I read the article, but the article is completely correct. The colors of cars today are very boring considering what was the “norm” a few years ago. It is another statement to the fact that we get so used to dull uniform that we do not recognize any change has occurred.

  6. Nure Kassas says:

    Well if the author of the article is just basing the fact that we have become boring because we choose drab colored cars, then he is neglecting all the other color that people add to their lives. Consider for example, football matches and school colors. Whenever a school plays a game, the students attending the university dress in their school colors which can be anything from crimson (UA) to purple, yellow, green, blue, and more. Other color we add to our lives, especially during the seasons of spring and summer, are from any color in the rainbow. If you look at graffiti on the wall, you’ll see brilliant colors most of the time. I think a person sees what they want to see. If you choose to notice only the drab colors, then that’s all you will see.

  7. I disagree with this article! I think the colors of cars today are not drab at all. I think that they have improved over time to create a look of sophistication. A hot pink car seems childish and cheap compared to a high gloss black car. I think that the colors of cars today represent maturity and class, which is what most people want others to think about them as people. In a way, the car can be a representation of the person who is driving it. Just a bit of food for thought.

  8. wnichols1993 says:

    The color of one’s car is their choice, I have a black car but pink is my favorite color! I do not want to drive a pink car around because that is tacky. We should be entitled to our choice of color, that is why there is so many of them!

  9. ftcoleman says:

    I agree with this article. We have choice over the color of our vehicles. More people are content more so with the pricing, brand, and appeal of the car that the paint color is not a priority. I have a white car but I love the color red. There are other factors such as affordability that can affect the choice of car coloring.

  10. fa200fall2011jhtylerpuckett says:

    I completely agree with this article. While I can definitely appreciate the fact that not everyone wants a bright or flashy car, I’d at least like the option of it. I myself have a white avenger and wish that I could justify the money spent on a paint job. We humans are expressive creatures, where we all think that our opinions and personality should be voiced and shown. I think that that should be translated into everything that we do. The more that we repress ourselves, even something as simple as this, hampers our lives. We cannot live to the fullest while shackled, or in this case, slightly detained. The fact that people no longer notice that they drive a boring car means that they are no longer expressing themselves. While the analogy to Brave New World is a bit much, I think that it’s fairly appropriate.

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