Revisiting Public Art

As we’ve discussed, one struggle in arts support and funding is how you manage the question of taste. We’ve been prone to say (and heard it today at the dance rehearsal) that the great thing about the arts is its a big open tent and invites a variety of opinions and practices. But that wide variety of opinions is trouble when it comes to getting a community to commit to supporting a particular artwork or artist.

We talked fairly lovingly about Goldie in Woods Quad last week. . . Try asking 10 people what they think of the sculpture in the center of Woods Quad. Different story there.

And here’s the story of the Surfing Madonna of California:



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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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One Response to Revisiting Public Art

  1. mdetter says:

    I’ve always been a fan of art publicly displayed on seawalls, buildings, or road dividers within cities. In my opinion, this kind of artwork conveys the overall creativity and personalities of the town, making each city different in their own way. Although I do support the movement of this type of art, I do think that Patterson should have asked for permission or rights before investing time, planning and ultimately money on the project. Another thing that shocked me about this article was this quote that I found at the end, “You’ve managed to wake up the people who never act or never speak or possibly never even vote.” I feel like this statement was directed towards me. I tend to be a passive person that avoids confrontation and I too choose not to raise my voice and vote. However, I feel that if some controversy were to arise within the arts, I defend them.

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