Music as Economic Engine

Article here is the standard fare on the relationship between arts and urban economic development. The angry comments are perhaps the central attraction, however. . . both pro and con. Interesting to watch regular folks pick up on the argument from GIFTS OF THE MUSE that, yes, the arts do generate jobs, but there is an opportunity cost involved too. And you also get a taste here of how there is just general hostility in the air to any form of government subsidy. But the musicians fight back a bit too.

Cleveland Rocks


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One Response to Music as Economic Engine

  1. Nure Kassas says:

    Well it seems like the Gifts of the Muse argument reinforces the saying “you have to spend money to make money.” Basically, if you want to create jobs, generate income for people, you will have to spend money to do so, but since when people make money, they will turn around and spend it on things that they need, it will go right back into the economy and balance out. (However, it seems like our nation has not kept track of its money very well, given the amount of debt we have accumulated, we seemed to have lost a bunch of money along the way. At the same time, people don’t have jobs, so they have no money to put back into the economy. Additionally, even if people do make money, a lot of them use it to repay their debt, causing a lot of false starts for the economy).

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