Kinda Funny. . . Kinda Useful. Maybe.

So, I send this too you just because I think you’ll find it funny. . . Maybe this is what I’ve forced you into — a weird dating relationship.

Love Arts

But maybe its actually more useful than any of the theorizing we’ve read on audience development and the like. Maybe there are just folks out there who are wired to really enjoy this stuff. . . and they’re so wired that they really need to seek out others just like them.

And it might also be an interesting way to set up David Gilmour’s FILM CLUB. . . which really speaks to the very social character of some art forms. (Does anyone out there go to the movies alone? Does anyone look strangely upon anyone that does go to the movies alone?)

Here’s a challenge — find someone in class that you don’t know well. . . and take in an event together. The bonus prize is that you can write a single blog post for the week together. Let’s consider whether our experiences of the art is different/better when we’re thrown into more immediate conversation about our experiences.


About jchall1960

I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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