Attitudes Towards Dance

Interesting piece from the UK where there is a hot debate about the value of high school courses in dance in the evaluation of readiness for University. You’ll recall Sir Ken Robinson expressing his frustration that of all activities that occur in the context of childhood/adolescence and schooling. . . dance is valued the least.

Why do you think that is? Are we afraid of bodies in movement? Do you think we as a culture respect the work we saw on stage today? Is it hard to think of the folks on stage today as students? I was struck by how familiar the coaching experience in dance is to that of many team sports — timing, spacing, lines, footwork. Looked like the work associated with football plays in particular. (And I’m always struck by the fact that its the only major where you’re in real trouble if you blow your knee out.)

Dance debate in the UK

I hope the Dance Faculty’s comments today were good introduction to this large area of the arts. . . Glad you got to see so many styles. Please take advantage of the ARDT concert next week.


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3 Responses to Attitudes Towards Dance

  1. elgernert says:

    I agree in that I do think that dance is not valued as much in childhood. When i saw the dance practice yesterday i was blown away at how talented and creative and hard working those dancers were. When i was little i did ballet for about 2 years and stopped just because dance wasnt valued as much when i was young. After watching the dance practive yesterday it made me remeber my ballet years and wish that i ad continued them. Also in my highschool dance wasnt offered and i wish it was because it is really cool and something i think people should defiantly experience. I dont think its valued as much because maybe people are afraid of it or sone think they can do it because they would make fool of themselves. But i think if dance was encourages more and taught more in schools then it would make a big difference.

  2. jchall1960 says:

    Why do you think people are afraid of it? I think that’s a really interesting insight.

  3. sbusby2015 says:

    I also agree that dance is not at all values as much as it should be. Attending the rehearsal was so fun for me because watching dance is something I love to do because like others said once I was in school the dance was not offered as much. It reminded me of the love that I once had for dance and how it made me feel. The way the were are in step moving as one, and with sing sing sing, how they were having so much fun doing dancing that also think makes people afraid. The moves the dancers made painted a variety of pictures as the moved. I think people are discouraged by dancing these days. Why? I have no idea. Dancing is something that everyone should enjoy whether you are good at it or not. It makes you feel free and you are able to let loose. I think it should be valued more in schools and even around the world.

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