The Alabama Art Kitchen

We’ll make a stop there on Art Night, November 3rd.

From: Alabama Art Kitchen
Subject: Call for Volunteers and Members!

Come join the Art Kitchen!

We’re a place in downtown Tuscaloosa for anyone who likes community
and/or to make/do/fix/create/enjoy. We have monthly work parties every
first Sunday at 1 pm and volunteer and new member orientations at 12:30.
We always need volunteers to gallery monitor or help at specific events
(We’re doing a kids table at Kentuck next weekend and would love help
with that!). For every 16 hours you volunteer you get a free month of
membership or a class!

We also offer private studio space, membership, and workstudy membership
which is only $25/month with a two hour weekly time commitment! We also
have awesome events that are open to the public and craft night every
wednesday evening from 6-8 where everyone is welcome to hang out and
make/work on whatever they are making (doesn’t even have to be “art”!)

Hope to see you soon!

Claire Siepser

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Alabama Art Kitchen is to provide studio space and
equipment to local artists as well as exhibitions, classes and workshops
for the community at large. We are committed to passing on our
creativity, volunteerism and experience in art and strive to increase
interest and involvement with the local Tuscaloosa arts culture. We
believe that making and sharing art is a great way to connect people and
to support and inspire community.


About jchall1960

I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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