How to get Hipsters to Your Run-Down Neighborhood. . .

We’ve talked a bit about the relationship between the arts and economic development, and mentioned in passing the theories of urban design guru Richard Florida who has argued that the dynamic cities of the future will be filled with artists. . . or, more specifically, members of the “creative class.”

It may be trickier than he has suggested. See “Where Do Bohemians Come From?”


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One Response to How to get Hipsters to Your Run-Down Neighborhood. . .

  1. ashtown11 says:

    I thought this article from the NY Times was very interesting. It mentioned Venice Beach and the SoHo area which I am somewhat familiar with. Visiting Venice Beach 2 years ago was a complete eye opener for me. The arts that they have there are what people live off of. It is their resource of their daily survival. Whether it is selling a painting or piece of jewelry, playing music, or dancing, their art that they knew was what they had to keep living, and for some, it was the only thing they had. I think the art in the SoHo area is much different than in Venice Beach. I was near SoHo and actually staying in Brooklyn and it had such a great energy to it. The atmosphere there was so refreshing, unique, and creative.
    Although I believe it is crucial that art is incorporate into all cities in neighborhood, not to mention the good it could do for cities like Detroit especially, $23.5 million is a big chunk of money to be risking. Like it said in the article, “the evolution of these districts shows that using art as a development tool is like working with quicksilver: it’s hard to know which path it might take”. The N.E.A. could easily bring art to Detroit, whether that is through museums and communities for artists to live. But the question is, will that art flourish? Will it produce and reap the benefits the N.E.A. is expecting? That is always unknown when these kind of changes are being made.

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