Anti-Bullying Experiment

Colorado Schools experimenting with the arts as an anti-bullying strategy

Lame? Or “has possibilities?”


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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3 Responses to Anti-Bullying Experiment

  1. elgernert says:

    I think this defiantly has possibilities because kids i think are more visual learners at that young of an age so if they watched a play instead of listening to someone speak about bullying then i think it will be more effective to the kids and i think they will get more out of it. I think that also by watching a play is will serve as am example to the kids to follow and that bullying is bad. From this play the kids will learn not to bully and they will hopefully take something out from the play.

  2. fa200fall2011sec2karliboulware says:

    This is a great and creative way to present children with information about something very important that is going on. I believe children learn best by some type of visual aid, and by literally seeing an example in front of them and then being asked how it relates to their own school, a connection is really made.

  3. srlewis3 says:

    Yet another benefits of the art. Wish I would have read this before I submitted my midterm task. That would have been a very convincing argument to the mayor. What was really interesting was how it decrease the amount of bullying in ages ranging from elementary to middle school to high school. I mean if it just would have decreased the amount of bullying in the elementary, people would have written it off as coincidental by justifying that they are “just kids”. But affecting the older genre of students, that should be enough proof for anybody. Since we know that older kids are not as easily persuaded to change habits.

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