More on Arts and Public Education

This is a thoughtful piece — and very different, I think, perspective — on the arts and public education. And I think its so not just because it aligns with what I’m trying to do with this class and with your blogs. . .

Please take a look at this one:

Its asking interesting questions about what takes place at the intersection between skills competency for the employment market and more traditional satisfaction one gets from engaging the arts. The idea behind the blogs is — pick up some real world digital self-presentation management skills. . . while you’re articulating (over and over) good descriptions about your values and where you find pleasure in the creative realm.

I’d argue that there are still too few folks taking on the opportunity here with gusto. Much, much work in the emerging knowledge economy will be about managing digital tools and learning to articulate a personal vision. It’s a good opportunity, and, as Dr. Lazer put it earlier in the semester, really a privilege to be given this kind of room to roam.


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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2 Responses to More on Arts and Public Education

  1. This article was very meaningful to me because many of the schools in my county are cutting a lot of the music and arts programs because of financial reasons. It is proven that students who are in art programs while growing up get higher test scores and get in less trouble then kids that aren’t in fine arts. It is important for school to teach you a variety of skills, not just math and English. I feel that schools need to re-look at what they can do to support the arts programs so they can stay don’t need to cut unnecessary classes that could severely help kids in the long run!

  2. I agree with ^^. The arts is very important in public education. Kids need to learn many different skills, and those skills should not all be in math and science. Without arts in schools many kids will lose interest in their classes, many already have! I know when I was younger and in the public school system I looked forward to my band class. I really enjoyed it and it was a nice break from my other very structured classes.

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