More from the World of Arts Funding Bad News

Vancouver Opera

San Antonio Symphony

Philadelphia Orchestra bankruptcy

Spain’s Museums

Most important to you all should be the following zero budget proposal:

K12 Arts Funding

Just because you’re in an Intro to Arts class doesn’t mean you can’t cast a skeptical eye here; indeed, I’ve tried to share stories that suggest that greed and excess are not unknown in the art world. And — if push came to shove — I don’t know what I would do as a city mayor, for instance, faced with difficult decisions around, say, maintaining arts subsidies or ensuring that roads get repaved. (Although. . . to be sure. . . the budgeting world is rarely one of such simple tradeoffs.)


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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2 Responses to More from the World of Arts Funding Bad News

  1. dakarothinks says:

    Hal Rogers said, “To protect critical programs and services that many Americans rely on…the bill takes decisive action to cut duplicative, inefficient, and wasteful spending to help get these agency budgets onto sustainable financial footing.” The $175 million that will be cut from Mathematics and Science Partnerships does not seem wasteful, at least not to me. This program aims to make science and math teachers better teachers by providing current teachers a place to go to keep up to date on their subject matter and potential teachers places to go to further educate themselves before becoming full-time teachers. That does not seem like a “duplicative, inefficient, and wasteful” way to spend the Department of Education’s money but in fact does seem like a “critical program” that should, if anything, be getting more money…not less.

  2. Frankly cutting money form the Arts doesn’t seem like a bad idea at this point, but I don’t think cutting as much as they are suggesting is really a good idea. Personally they need to be taking it out of other things to at this point, but with that being said… the Arts are indeed a luxery at a time when we have dug ourselves into quite a hole. Maybe once we get out of it then we go back to the way things where before, but for now that is not such a good idea. It is kind of a ‘everyone has to make sacrifices concept’… and if that is the way that things have to be then we will know not to do the things we did this time… next time. Though on a personal note I wouldn’t trust the Amercian goverment to handle this kind of budgeting correctly anyway.

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