You Folks and Sartwell on Aesthetic Experience

Reminder that you are reading Sartwell, Ch. 3 & 5 this week. . . .

Here’s some of your meditations on beauty:

1. “We all find the car beautiful. In our society today people value objects like cool
cars and other material items. Furthermore, we think that George Clooney and
Hallie Barry are both very attractive people. The statue of David has a “desirable”
form and also exhibits beauty. We are not huge fans of the splatter
painting. The splats of paint don’t have a real pattern and no interesting colors,
thus the painting isn’t to compelling. Brain Eno: Discreet music was alright. It was
soothing more the most part.”

2. ” In the book, the author Sartwell, talks about ho beauty relates to different senses. The classical music gives off a relaxing and calming feel. The car is a type of beautiful longing and desire. The statue represents a different type of beauty,which some would consider sexual. The author writes about artificial beauty, and the celebrities shown were wearing make-up, which we think Sartwell considers artificial. Artists sometimes do disturbing pieces of artwork to express their feelings, which is what we think the black,white, and yellow painting is.”

3. “The Ashton Martin – the car is appealing to the eye because of the slender and sleek frame of the car. The car also gives off a sense of power due to the brand of the car and engine gave the car an aggressive menacing appeal to it.

The Stars – the power of money can make anyone look appealing.

Michelangelo – did not appeal to us evn though it was a stunning work of art it was to much of a cliche.

Jason Pollack – looks like someone threw up all over the canvas. No real originality or creativity.

The Music – very calming and peaceful. It brings back memories of a simpler time and place, like childhood!”

4. “We found that the celebrities and music were easiest to describe in terms of beauty. Celebrities represent something that we admire and long for, though we can never really attain it. The two celebrities, though in their mid-forties and early-fifties, are a perfect example of desirable beauty. Both being attractive, they have managed to escape “losing” beauty with age, but rather gained a different kind of beauty. They have managed to age and still look young and joyful. Some of us thought that the music was beautiful because it made us feel calm and think of beautiful things. There is creativity that goes into music, artwork, and other images. Many of us found that creativity makes things beautiful, and music is a perfect example of this.”

5. “a. The car is beautiful because of its color and shine. Its something very few of us have access to and yearn to obtain something that fancy and expensive looking.

b. George Clooney and Halle Barry are both two, extremely beautiful people, and their physical characteristics are not the only thing that defines that. They are successful and because of that, they have obtain a great amount of wealth.

c. Although that sculpture is an amazing piece of art, I think to society it has lost its beauty. It is almost a cliche piece of work. Many of us have seen this before multiple times and it has become boring and uninteresting.

d. The splatter painting was difficult to describe as beautiful but was interesting. I think it is hard to define as beautiful because it is very abstract and not something we are used to looking at day to day. To a lot of us, the picture did not mean much at all.

e.. All of us thought the music had such a beautiful sound and experience to it. It brought peace and calmness which are both beautiful in themselves.”

6. “We all believe that every picture was beautiful in their own way, but we all agreed that we don’t like the picture of the man. But in the book it talks about that a statue like that defines the real beauty of a man. But now a day we don’t see things like that as beautiful. Beauty is also defined by desire, so do we desire to be with that person, or do we desire to own it? I guess to each person pictures are beautiful in different ways, it just depends on our desires. As for the music, it was very relaxing, music represents being delightful and mentally colorful, different types of music can make people feel different ways, but this song in particular is very smooth and easy to listen to and very relaxing which makes it beautiful to listen to.”

Can anyone try to summarize? Anyone want to elaborate some more based on further reading in Sartwell? One absence I note is Sartwell’s insistence that in beauty there is always a distinct sense of loss that is always in play. . . Are you folks too young to be able to elaborate things in those terms?


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  1. I need to start reading this!

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