Blog Groups

Ok, on the e-learning site, on the front content page, there is a document FA200 Groups.

Your task is to begin following the blogs of the folks in your group. . . and to give feedback, support, and comments on each others blog entries. It’s an opportunity to see what other folks are writing and how. . . to see what other folks are attending and are finding most fun and rewarding. It’s a good opportunity to generate some community in an otherwise too large class.

And, as always, we’ll gather up all the informal writing you do and make it part of your participation grade.


About jchall1960

I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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2 Responses to Blog Groups

  1. wnichols1993 says:

    when you say informal writing, do you mean post more blogs than required how much commenting we do on blogs throughout the site? -Walton Nichols

    • jchall1960 says:

      I mean keep writing. . . and now try to include occasional responses to members of your blog group. By informal writing, I mean everything that is not a) your documentation of your weekly arts activity or b) your half dozen extended arts activity responses.

      No maximum or minimum, just an invitation from me to write as much as you can and display your commitment to the spirit of this class. . . with a commitment from me to acknowledge that writing in the final grade.

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