Arts Funding Struggles

Couple of pieces that speak to different kinds of funding struggles:

Louisville Orchestra


Vancouver Art Gallery


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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2 Responses to Arts Funding Struggles

  1. mdetter says:

    I think this kind of goes along with one of your previous posts titled “More on costs associated with the arts. . . who should pay. . . and democratic practice”. The previous blog had to do with the changing the cost of attendance for museums and I feel that if the Vancouver Art Gallery applied this concept they may see a lowered deficit. However, I feel Vancouver faces a strong challenge with tourism. Vancouver is my absolute FAVORITE city, I’ve ever been to. The reason being because there is almost too much to do and at such a variety. Activities include boating, Stanley park, the Capillano Suspension Bridge, Whittier (Where the olympics took place), shopping and the list goes on. With so much action and excitement in this prime city, tourists will find art gallery’s unappealing due to the uniformity of art gallery’s in general.

  2. Nure Kassas says:

    When I attended Chicago, one of the performers gave us some facts about the Bama Theater and funding which I found interesting. The Bama Theater funds its performances by teaming up with different charities, and then when they put on the shows, they charge a small fee (10-15 dollars) for a ticket, and a percentage of the profits goes back to that charity (which ends up being more than what they contributed). Thus, the charity gets a donation and the Bama Theater can put on shows and expose Tuscaloosa residents to the arts.

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