More on costs associated with the arts. . . who should pay. . . and democratic practice.

So as the economy tanks, and philanthropy dries up, and institution’s endowment accounts take a hit on the stock market, folks need to turn to audience members and the direct assignment of costs. Is it fair? Democratic? Or simply economic common sense?: — if you’re a potential customer, you pay. . .

To Charge or Not to Charge. . .

Museums Could Do Better


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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4 Responses to More on costs associated with the arts. . . who should pay. . . and democratic practice.

  1. It may just be me and the mentality that I was raised with, but I believe that major museums should charge little, if no fee to attend. I’m sure most major museums have some sort of government or outside funding. I could see smaller museums such as Moody on campus charging a small to medium fee, but only if necessary. I don’t think art and history are things that people should be gouged to enjoy.

  2. mdetter says:

    I thought it was interesting to see that many museums that lowered there price were able to increase attendance. I always thought that the arts were under appreciated, making it necessary to charge a substantial fee. I feel that the location of the museum should play a huge role in whether to charge admission or not. It makes complete since that California struggles to earn revenue from admissions. In this instance, I believe the government should provide extra assistance to help maintain these museums so that they are able to charge free admission. Admission charge should strongly correlate to the museums location.

  3. sbusby2015 says:

    I also found it very interesting how many museums had an attendance boost once they lowered their entrance fees. However, I do agree that museums should have little to no entrance fee to attend. I see where a small fee could occur to help make some kind of profit, but I do not see how you could charge an outrageous amount. I believe people attend museums to learn about certain aspects of history and with the economy the way it is, people can not afford a high fee and I don’t think that we should have to worry about paying a fee to learn about art abd history.

  4. kaylaann393 says:

    I agree that the admission charge should depend on location and I also see why they need to charge some kind of fee in order to make a profit and be able to accumulate the grand scale of collections that some of them have. However, I find it interesting to look at how interest in the arts relates to admission charges at events and museums. Yes, the majority of people are just naturally less inclined to go pay for a ticket to a ballet or museum than to a concert or sporting event. Does a high admission charge help encourage them to go see the arts instead? No. I think that the admission should be as low as possible because it would be more of a convenient option and maybe more people would give it a chance. I’ve been to art musueums and loved and been surprised by the works I saw. But I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have even tried going if the admission was high.

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