For fun. . . another way to connect the arts, brain science, and mental health

Bobby McFerrin’s classic and irritating little tune. . .


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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4 Responses to For fun. . . another way to connect the arts, brain science, and mental health

  1. sbusby2015 says:

    So the title of this caught my eye as I was seeing what had been posted. I decided to take a look and see exactly what it was all about. First of all when I think of this song I think of the singing fish if any of you have ever seen it. However, I never really knew all of the lyrics and I was amazed at how much research had come out of this song. If you really look at how they have broken down the lyrics it is crazy how just listening to the words of a song can change your mood for the entire day. It is really catchy, and if it doesn’t make you smile at some point then you must really be down about something.

  2. ellie0218 says:

    I really loved this article because I have always been fascinated by how other peoples moods and thoughts also effect how we feel. If someone is angered by something, then this causes our moods to shift from being in a happy state to a not so happy state. Everything we do effects others and I think that we need to be more careful to avoid having negative effects on others around us. But if your in a happy mood, spread the happiness!

  3. kaylaann393 says:

    I love this song and have played it on my ipod multiple times! I also think of the singing fish whenever I hear it! I was excited as I read this article because the was the lyrics were explained fits perfectly with how I feel when I hear them. The words are so encouraging and just say all the right things that most of us want to hear when we”re having a bad day from having someone to talk to to just telling us that it will be over soon so just smile. But, I really think the words are made as happy as they are with a lot of help from the tune and sound of the song. Nobody whistles when they’re not at least somewhat happy. So by having the whistling in the song it automatically starts out in a pretty care-free, relaxing mood. Also, I think that the way he sings the song has something to do with it. He has that type of voice that I typically pair with sitting on a beach somewhere in the middle of the summer. That’s the most stereotypical picture of relaxtation and happiness that there is.

  4. I have this song on my phone, and it really does change your entire day when you listen to it! The obvious first thought when hearing this song are those ridiculously brilliant singing fish that SOMEONE out there made millions off of. On a more serious note, music and art can really open pathways into the mind and the soul, and I truly believe that for some people these things can be the best kind of therapy in times of need.

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