Another cool opportunity. . .

Here’s the gist: You are invited to a reception honoring Larry Godwin, creator of the iconic sculpture “Rusty” 2pm to 4pm October 1, 2011 at the Kentuck Gallery and Courtyard.

* Unveiling of a plaque honoring Larry & “Rusty” for the Courtyard at 2:30pm
* Reception and meet and greet with Larry Godwin from 2pm to 4pm
* Opening of Larry’s exhibit of sculptures, drawings and photos of his work in the Annex from 2pm to 4pm

For more information, call 205-758-1257, or continue reading below.

Kentuck announces reception, exhibit opening, and plaque unveiling honoring Larry Godwin, maker of iconic Kentuck sculpture “Rusty”.

There will be a reception and meet and greet with Larry in the Kentuck Gallery, and exhibit opening of Larry’s sculptures, drawings, and photos of work in the Annex from 2pm to 4pm. The unveiling of the plaque of information on “Rusty” will take place in the Courtyard of Wonders at 2:30pm.

Larry received his initial arts training at Auburn University, graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in 1957. After a stint in the Army, Larry opened a gallery in Brundidge, Alabama, eventually adding a full metal fabrication and
foundry shop. In addition to his Art Wurks gallery, Larry Godwin currently maintains a 10,000 square foot warehouse with overhead crane and other facilities for constructing and manipulating the monumental scale sculptures and fountains he favors. A foundry, lost wax casting center and other annexes bring the total workspace to 16,000 square feet. He continues to explore new forms, methods and materials such as sculptures that expand and contract or interlocking elements that combine in an infinite variety of ways.

More info here: and you can see “Rusty” the dog in the top left corner!


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2 Responses to Another cool opportunity. . .

  1. kaylaann393 says:

    Oh! Is “Rusty” the dog that dog on top of one of the buildings in downtown Northport? I’ve seen that for years and years and always wondered what it was and why it was there!

  2. jchall1960 says:

    Yup, that is Rusty! Most awesome sculpture in town.

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