Your Brain on Art: Music and Creativity

So another pathway through the instrumentality question. . . . Dan Pink’s insistence was that by engaging the arts and an artistic activity in a self-conscious and dedicated way you could activate skills and sensitivities that would serve you well in the work world.

Another interesting TED talk that considers science and creativity. . . and is suggestive that (a) the arts do a very particular kind of brain-work and that (b) careful study of that process could lead to new information about how to stimulate innovation and problem-solving.

Rapping in the fMRI


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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3 Responses to Your Brain on Art: Music and Creativity

  1. srlewis3 says:

    I am glad that I watched this video. It was very interesting. I don’t think that I would have learned this in my Psycology class. Who would have known that your brain was more active when you was doing something that you were not taught or did not memorize.

  2. abrown1988 says:

    This video was interesting. I never knew this, but like they always say… you learn something new every day

  3. I think it is extremely interesting how rappers freestyle. In the clip with MOS Def free-styling it shows how easy it seems to him, but it is very hard. I enjoyed the video of him showing differemt forms of inprov. The guy playing the piano was amazing and I find it interesting that he heightened his creativity by improvision by doing it every show. I thought it was interesting that certain senses in your brain heighten whenever you are doing so. I think inprov is the best way to express yourself because you are not confined into doing something thst you have done in the past. You can act on how you feel then at that moment.

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