What is Art? What are the Arts?

Couple of fun ways to get at a range of perspectives:

First, an episode of Creature Comforts: It’s a funny collage, but can you draw out something that looks like it might represent a shared consensus —

Secondly, a section from an episode from Season 2 of Mad Men: It’s only a few minutes long, but surprisingly rich in thought material. Mark Rothko is the classic example that folks drag out to discredit the work of modern art. Anybody can do it right? But see how many different takes on the meaning/purpose/definition of art you can pull out…


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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2 Responses to What is Art? What are the Arts?

  1. ashtown11 says:

    I agree a lot with what was said in the beginning of the clip from “Mad Men”. You either you like it, or you don’t. I feel that way with art, as well with other things in life. If you look at something, either a painting or a photograph, you usually have a firm stance liking it one way or another, not in between. Also, much like in a poem or a theme of a novel, art work might not always have a meaning. The artist may of had a certain meaning intended, but art can be interpreted infinite different ways by numerous people.

  2. Nure Kassas says:

    I think that art is whatever you perceive it to be- whether it is created in nature (a sunset, a landscape) or man-made (paintings, poems, music, photographs) – art is whatever anyone put thought, emotion, and creativity into. Art can be the view from the top of the Empire State Building- all the buildings you can see from up there- their architecture- is art. Art is everywhere- it is up to the person who is observing their surroundings it to decide what they see and what it means to them.

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