Tomorrow. . .

Reminder that we have another marvelous writer with us tomorrow: fiction writer, Michael Martone. . . Lots of links on e-learning to conversations with Michael.

Your assignment for tomorrow — bring a rock to class (maybe two inches across. . . flat enough to write on. . . check down by Mars Spring or Park at Manderson Landing if you’re having trouble spotting one around the quad. . .

Some folks were having trouble finding the critical arts response examples: right on the front content page, folder named “Extended Critical Response Examples”

Some folks have been bothered by images connected to one of the links on my blog post on censorship:

The disturbing image — Gustave Courbet’s ORIGIN OF THE WORLD (1866). Courbet was both acknowledging and challenging the most common tradition in Western (and arguably non-Western art) — that of the female nude figure. By mid-19th century, the predominant representations of femininity in art were of chaste, mother, housewife-goddesses. In the most direct way possible — by focusing on the erotic and reproductive — Courbet crassley challenges that imagery. In some ways, his image points back to something closer to what we see in so-called primitive art traditions, an investigation of the image of the feminine with that of (strictly?) fertility.

In some sense what remains interesting is how bothersome the image remains. If you decide to write about it, two challenges: (a) describe what is disturbing (or compelling) in ways that acknowledge that others may not share either your perceptions or your value system; and (b) taking the image up in the context of the article itself — the article is interested in Facebook’s determination that a nude is a nude is a nude. . . that context, in some sense, is never important or significant. (What might be missing at this point. . . is some collective reflection on what constitutes art itself; sometimes that can be a deadening conversation. . . but sometimes its necessary to make these judgements.)

Courbet from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. . .


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