At the edge. . .

So if you do the kind of summary work I encouraged in looking at the MAD MEN and CREATURE COMFORTS pieces. . . a few interesting points of tension emerge:

a) the role of human agency — art requiring purposeful, creative, novel action on the part of an individual or group
b) skill or mastery [think about last week’s good question: How do you get to call yourself a poet?]
c) the role of judgement by experts or authorizing bodies. .
d) the question of materials — e.g., language, “paint,” sounds, metal, wood, etc.

Here are two pieces that might complicate again your thinking and feeling about the range of art’s activity:

“What Remains on the Canvas” — about painter Wayne Gilbert


Roadside Kitsch from the WALL STREET JOURNAL

Have fun!


About jchall1960

I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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