The Arts and Reviving the Economy

Today’s article represents a particular stream of instrumental thinking about the arts. . . the assertion that arts activity has a key role to play in economic development, expansion, and vitality. There are typically a couple of challenges: (1) measuring arts activity and monetary exchange in a particular and discrete way, and, (2) the assertion of some — on the political right and left — that it would be best to keep government out of arts funding and support. On the right, the concern is unnecessary government expansion, and, on the left, worries that government support of the art inevitably means the imposition of government taste or a dumbing down of public creativity.

Take a look:

New Consortium Finances Arts Activity


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4 Responses to The Arts and Reviving the Economy

  1. This article raises an interesting question. I have always thought that art was always the result of a vibrant economy. Never had I thought of art as the jump-start to an economy. While it will take some time to see if the project in the article works, I would agree that art can create jobs and money. For instance, skyscrapers throughout the world are not simply office buildings, but giant sculptures reaching into the sky. Just designing the work of art creates jobs for the architects and engineers who have to design, plan, and create a structure, which are artists in my opinion. Then the skyscraper has to be built which creates thousands of more jobs for the construction workers and foremen on the job. I’d agree that art creates jobs, but as far as government spending corrupting the art of the artist, this seems to be a huge problem. Take the USSR where artists were stifled into designing only party-approved structures, paintings, and sculptures. That lead to very mundane art throughout the Soviet Union during that era.

  2. I thought that he was very interesting and I liked his stance on being a poet. I think that all it takes to be a poet is to write poetry, it is not a profession. I thought he was funny and interesting.

  3. With the article i agree that that arts are very important to our economy and society. It helps people express themselves and within a community it gives life and enjoyment to the surroundings. I love that fact that they are planning on helping artistic people and their families and providing jobs. I am especially excited about having projects. Yes there is art all around us but in my opinion i want to see more and new ideas.

  4. wnichols1993 says:

    arts are a very creative form of education, If God wanted us all to be the same we would all probably be sitting behind a desk. The arts are ment to provide jobs, use the opposite side of your brain, and many brilliant people have lived their lives through the arts. The arts in our world is continuing to expand, no matter how much the government wants to cut it.

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