Lady Gaga, Conservative

Interesting argument here. . . and worth engaging per our reflection on the ethical importance of artistic judgment. The writer argues that despite an ostensibly radical exterior. . . and a persona that would outwardly insist that she’s an important critic of society. . . a closer and extended look suggests that she’s much less disruptive force than we might expect.

This kind of thinking — regardless of whether you agree with it in this particular case — is evidence of a certain kind of intellectual maturity. One way you can use a course like this. . .one way you can use your experiences with the arts . . . is to train yourself to read against the grain and be more suspicious of images that present themselves to you as transparent and obvious.

Lady Gaga, Conservative?


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I'm the instructor for FA 200, Introduction to the Arts at the University of Alabama
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14 Responses to Lady Gaga, Conservative

  1. I love lady gaga! She puts herself out there with a very rough exterior, but I feel like she is extremely talented and very good at what she does. She is never in the news with disruptive behavior or an obscene attitude. I think she doesn’t get enough credit that she deserves!

  2. sbusby2015 says:

    I personally respect Lady Gaga. Even though there are plenty of people who like to put her down for some things she does, she continues to always be herself. Some people believe celebrities should be held to certain standards, but wouldn’t we then be bored if they were all the same? She stands out because she is true to who she is, and what she believes in. I honestly believe she is one star that we won’t see fade away for years to come simply because she is not afraid to be different.

  3. elgernert says:

    I disagree with this article. I think Lady gaga works very hard and i dont think she is “reaching back” and using old stuff at all. She has accomplished a lot and is the hardest working artist out there right now. I dont understand how the author would think she is less disruptive force then we might expect when she is breaking records and is number i on the billboard charts. JUst because she hasnt been to jail or broken the law doesnt mean she isnt powerful.

  4. abrown1988 says:

    I think Lady Gaga is crazy! You never really know what to expect from her. She always has something planned that will wow the crowd. That to me is what makes me interested in her. Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t get the credit she really deserves from the media

  5. Although I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, I think that she has guts to dress and act the way that she does. She’s just trying to make a point, but I don’t think that she’s offending anyone with what she’s doing so I personally see nothing wrong with it. More power to her!

  6. I love Lady Gaga! Everything that one would expect her to do she somehow manages to do the complete opposite. This is what keeps the crowd engaged in her everyday life. Even though she is very drastic when expressing herself she is not given the credit deserved. I believe her outstanding artistic ability is over looked just because of her want to be different.

  7. csarmentrout says:

    As much as I dislike the way Lady Gaga dresses and her music, I have to say that she is brilliant. The way she markets herself is not only a cash machine, but she is also putting her mark on todays culture. Recent statistics have shown that she is one of the highest paid young celebrities. She may be very strange, but she definitely knows what she is doing–her bank account can prove that. I also dont want to take anything away from her by saying she only does this for the money, but she is expressing herself in a lucrative way.

  8. I just skimmed over the article. Essentially, it’s author is conveying what has been said for years (a general consensus). Lady Gaga isn’t very smart. She’s not that creative either. It’s all an illusion she fronts with the coordinated help of producers and other stage artist. She doesn’t even produce her own songs! All of that is done by someone behind a mixing board and digital sound equipment who lays down a somewhat mediocre melody and stances out a boring 4/4 bass and clap beat. Any somewhat attractive female can be pitched tuned and dolled up. I will however not dismiss the hardwork she has done to get to the position she is today.

    Lady Gaga is the flavor of the summer……..

  9. abvonkohn says:

    I absolutely love Lady Gaga. I think that it takes a lot of courage to dress, sing and act like she does. She takes on her stage presence even in her everyday life and I think that makes her more believable. I think that her eclectic personality makes her the star that she is. With a name like Lady Gaga, there is a lot to live up to. I think that she has come a long way from her little flat in New York.

  10. srlewis3 says:

    Though I am a Lady Gaga fan, I do believe that the writer of this article had several points. I think that like most stars GaGa is not the person she portrays on stage . She found something that would catch people’s attention and she used it to her advantage. She and Nikki Minaj seemed to catch on that “weirdness” sales just as much as “sex” does. They both are sexy and illiustrate weirdness and have millions of people who wants to be them. Neither one dressed and acted as they do now in their younger years. They just do what is best for their career and a regular girl in regular clothes playing a piano talking about her earlier years in prep school would not have been the best angle for GaGa.

  11. ta1993 says:

    I am not a Lady Gaga fan, but I do respect her. She is very artistic and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I’ve seen her win awards then give an off the wall speech about everyone is her “little monsters.” It’s very different to say the least. Her music is really catchy and is extremely popular among people from around the world. I’m glad she takes things into different perspectives and doesn’t hold back to make or prove a point. A lot of people follow and respect her not only for her music, but for what she has to say.

  12. I agree with the statement that Lady Gaga is conservative in some ways. She seems crazy and unsound on the outside, but her songs have a deeper meaning! I love her!

  13. I agree as well that Lady Gaga is more conservative than she comes across. She may be wild in what she wears, but her music for the most part is not too “out there.” I think Lady Gaga is a genius by the way she portrays herself, and she know what will her get her attention. Some people say that what she does only gets her negative attention and that she is not a good role model, but I think it is much better for younger people to look up to someone like her that has worked hard for what she has as opposed to some other famous people only know because they are always in trouble with the law or drugs/alcohol. I respect what she has done for herself and I don’t think she has only made it by taking old ideas. She is very creative and has come up with her own styles and I think she will continue to make new ideas that her fans will love!

  14. wnichols1993 says:

    I LOVE LADY GAGA!!! She is the essence of our art through society today!!!

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