Arts Research Can be Flighty. . .

Kind of ironic that this comes out the same week as the “empathy” piece:


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One Response to Arts Research Can be Flighty. . .

  1. Nure Kassas says:

    I honestly feel like this article can be somewhat of a setback for the movement to try and get children to read more fiction. We continuously see articles about the negative impact of violent video games, movies, and television shows on the behavior of children who play them, and how children should instead go outside more or read more books. This article will allow people to make the argument that kids will be exposed to violence either way (through games and TV or books) and so telling parents that they should reduce the amount of time their kids spend watching television or playing video games and encouraging their kids to read more is hypocritical.

    It seems very difficult to be able to escape violence. Our culture has become obsessed with it. Constantly depicting it in everything from movies to books to paintings or other art forms, and if not here, then in the news- wars, shootings, even bullying. It would seem impossible to shield children from it and so perhaps we need to take another approach to reducing aggressive behavior. It may be more effective if we try to educate children more on the difference between fiction and reality, and how if we repeat the violent behavior we see in movies or games or read about in books, it’s no longer a make-believe person getting hurt, but a real person, and how this will lead to more serious consequences.

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